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Joomla 2 5 модуль latestnews и iobit malware fighter дополнение к антивирусу

Joomla 2 5 модуль latestnews

HOW YOU CAN USE IT display latest news with thumbnails; compose a 2.5 Native Implemented to avoid AJAX libs conflicts Module + Component. Apr 10, 2013 To 'Edit' an existing Latest News module, in the Module Manager click on an See Layout Overrides in Joomla 2.5 for more information about. 2. Copy /modules/mod_articles_latest/tmpl/default.php into this new folder

May 29, 2013 The Articles Newsflash (mod_articles_latest) module can be modified to show the creation date of your latest articles. In the following file there. Nov 17, 2014 I have a minor problem with my site: sometimes when I navigate through my site, or away to others and back, the latest articles added to my site. LatestNews+ Date is an enhance version of the standard Joomla latestnews module with an additional thumbnail, date and time features for each news. You can.

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